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MyCare Offer

Save 20% on Medical Options with Mayo Clinic

There is no medical questionnaire or exam required for MyCARE HBO, however there is a pre-existing condition clause. A pre-existing condition means a condition for which a Plan Member is given medical care, treatment, services, medication, diagnosis, diagnostic testing or consultation during the 24 months prior to the Plan Member’s effective date of Plan Membership. Services will not be available for the same medical condition(s) for the 12 months following the effective date of the Plan Membership. Major exclusions include congenital conditions, chronic conditions, and related medical conditions. Subject to change at any time.

You must satisfy the following eligibility requirements to claim this offer:

Thank you for your interest in Glacier FarmMedia Membership. Unfortunately, you must be involved in a farming operation in order to be eligible to redeem member offers. Please contact our Customer Service Department toll free at 1-800-665-1362 if you have any questions.

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How To Redeem

Complete MyCare HBO application or

Visit our website, e-mail or call 1-877-497-9495 and mention you are a GFM Member.